Operation Portfolios Model

Purchase and sale orders. As our stock exchange operation is based on the change of values ​​in the portfolios with some frequency, the costs of buying and selling shares must be taken into account.

Composition of Model Portfolios. Different configurations of Model Portfolios are presented so that they can be adapted to personal investment characteristics.

When the Stock Market falls. The Model Portfolios can be hedged by selling Futures in the proportion indicated in each Model Portfolio. Therefore, the value of the personal Portfolio must be a multiple of a Future, in order to hedge with one or more Futures.

Follow-up of Model Portfolios. Changes in values ​​and coverage in Model Portfolios are presented on the web and notifications are sent by email, depending on subscription.

Modifications of composition in the Portfolios. Notifications will be made during the trading day. We recommend making changes to portfolio composition in less than 10 minutes.

Modifications of coverage in the Portfolios. Notifications could be sent from one hour before the opening of the European stock exchanges until 15 minutes after the closing of the New York Stock Exchange. We recommend performing the portfolio hedging operations in less than 5 minutes.

Operation Mode

  1. The operations of the Model Portfolios are communicated in real time by Email.

  2. The subscription gives access to the Model Portfolios and can be canceled at any time.

  3. No courses or comments are made on the operations.

  4. The markets are monitored in real time and the operating model is continuously adapted.

  5. The Website does not assume any responsibility or commitment regarding future returns. All the sale operations and the results obtained in them (losses or gains) are personal decisions of each investor, who acts according to his own risk and luck.

Internet fraud prevention

Security equipment to access banks and brokers accounts:

  1. Use a security mobile phone, security phone number. This mobile phone will be used exclusively to receive SMS from banks and brokers.

  2. Access bank and broker accounts with a secure system: mobile phone without SIM card, new tablet or computer for exclusive access to banks and brokers, without having been previously used for any other application. Preferably use the App of banks and brokers to access the accounts.

  3. General purpose mobile phone.

  4. Precautions in operation:

When accessing the platforms with web browsers, check that the URL is valid, next to the address bar an icon with a padlock should appear, by clicking on the padlock you can check the web certificate. Check that the padlock appears closed.

Do not share passwords for access to Bank and broker accounts with anyone, either by phone, email or in person.

Log out of the account and lock the mobile, tablet or computer when not in use.

As an extra security measure for accounts, two-step verification must be activated. This is an extra security measure that can be enabled in bank and broker accounts. Activate two-step verification in the “security” section.

Do not connect to the internet with unsecured connections such as public WIFI.

Notifications communication by EMAIL

Notifications are configured in the user menu, in the “Notifications and settings” section.

The user must check that the Notifications by EMAIL correspond to the web to be sure of the proper functioning of the communication by EMAIL.

Preferably use an email account only for Notifications.

To receive Transaction Notifications, an email application with Push-email option is required to be installed on the mobile phone in order to receive notifications in real time.

In the case of using the same e-mail address on the computer: deactivate the check of the e-mail at intervals on the computer and download the e-mail manually.

The push-email mail server access programs do not delete the emails on the server, therefore if you want to delete the emails on the mail server from your mobile phone, it is necessary to install a POP3 program in parallel to delete the emails in the Mail Server.


Install: Mail.com

Open an account only for Hedgeportfolios to secure Notifications.

This email provider uses Push-mail technology by default.

Aqua Mail

Install: Aqua Mail

Enable Push-email option


  • Message notifications
  • Enable notifications
  • Notify New unread messages
  • Manage notifications
    • Show notifications
    • Alerts
    • Show on screen
    • advanced
    • Sound
    • vibrate
    • Lock screen
    • Show notification bubble
    • Skip Do Not Disturb

Android System Settings

  • Settings
    • Optimize battery usage
    • Aqua Mail -> No optimization

K-9 Mail

Install: K-9 Mail

Enable POP3 option


  • Bill
  • Mail check
    • Checking frequency
    • Every 15 minutes
    • Folder check 1st class
    • When a message is deleted
    • Delete from server
  • Notifications
    • Notify new messages
    • Notification folders all
    • Posts
    • Show notifications
    • Alerts
    • Show on screen
    • advanced
    • Sound
    • vibrate
    • Lock screen
    • Show notification bubble
    • Skip do not disturb

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