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Model Hedge Portfolios for investment in the Stock Market

We are a Information Service for Stock Market Investment, which can serve as an orientation for your investments.


  1. Avoid losses on your investment in bearish markets.

  2. Improve average market performance in bullish periods.

  3. Guarantee liquidity so that you can dispose of your investment at any time.

We do not manage your funds

Our service is exclusively informative about changes in the Model Portfolios.

It is the user who carries out its operations.

We have no information about your assets and we do not provide any personalized advice.

The client must analyze their risks. If you invest in stocks there is a possibility of losing all the invested capital. In the case of investing in Futures, there is the possibility of losing a capital much higher than the investment.

Investment strategy

We pursue a positive profitability in the medium term, with a horizon of 12 months.

The Result of the Model Portfolios is obtained with the following criteria:

  • Diversifies into 10, 20 or 30 values​​ to reduce the risk of erratic behavior.

  • Portfolios are balanced by making changes in the composition of securities to obtain the highest upside potential with the least risk.

  • When the Stock Market goes down the Portfolios are hedged by selling Futures of the corresponding index, thus minimizing losses.

Changes in Model Portfolios and Notifications

  • You can access the movements and composition of portfolios on the website depending on the level of subscription contracted.

  • When changes are made to portfolios or coverage, a Notification is sent by EMAIL. Notifications are configured in the user menu, in the “Notifications and settings” section.

Hedgeportfolios Operation Mode

  1. The operations of the Model Portfolios are communicated in real time by Email.

  2. There is a period of Free 90 days Trial to check the operation of the web.

  3. The subscription gives you access to Model Portfolios, payment is monthly and the subscriber can unsubscribe at any time.

  4. No courses or comments are made on the operations.

  5. The markets are monitored in real time and the operating model is continuously adapted.

  6. The Website does not assume any responsibility or commitment regarding future returns. All the sale operations and the results obtained in them (losses or gains) are personal decisions of each investor, who acts according to his own risk and luck.

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